Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Will you now be wearing a mask in public?
Will you now be wearing a mask in public?

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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Kathy BensonSubmitted: 11/4/2010
I wish to congratulate our PHS Soccer Boys for a fine job at making the State Playoffs. It is a bittersweet victory for many of us, as most of the 13 seniors on the team have played together under Terry DeBartolo since 2003. It has been a great 7 years watching all of you grow into fine young men and to see you develop a special relationship and comraderie as a team. My only wish would have been to see more playing time for all of the seniors and not the juniors, but as a whole, the team did well and should be proud of their accomplishment. Thanks for the memories and Good Luck with your futures.

Submitted By: Paul StopnikSubmitted: 12/9/2010
This evening (12/9/10)watching TV, I came across the rebroadcast of the 12/6 city council meeting on our local channel. This is how I became aware that the Proctor Journal had relocated to their new website ( I had been checking where it originally was located (and now there's nothing there), not even a link to the new address. I'm impressed with the new site - very nice job. Regarding the city council meeting broadcast on the local Mediacom channel - it has been and continues to be frustrating to listen to because of the extremely poor sound system. As the boom mikes are stationary and some of the members sit back in their chairs, the quality is lost. SUGGESTION: trade the boom mikes to the type of mike that clips on your clothing. Let Mediacom foot the bill with the additional $2 monthly increase they imposed on their customers. Thanks guys!!

Submitted By: foucault familySubmitted: 12/16/2010
Well Christmas has come early for two buddy elves buisy at work to prove T Foucault guilty. I wonder what your motive is or if your trying to cover up something? I believe in life to be true what goes around comes around. Good luck with your endevors.

Submitted By: Travis WhiteSubmitted: 12/19/2010
Duluth enforces their sidewalk clearing ordinance? SAFETY OF DULUTH'S CITIZENS, just one more reason why Duluth needs to annex Proctor.

Submitted By: L. WiitaSubmitted: 12/28/2010
You are right about one thing, it IS a wonderful place to work - now.

Submitted By: Travis WhiteSubmitted: 2/14/2011
On Saturday, we lost a very good man, Robert Johnston. Bob was a very kind and thoughtful man who I'll miss dearly. Take care, Bob, may you rest in peace.


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